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About Us

Established as a small offering of aluminium and metal fabrication company, Annai Aluminium is now a renowned Aluminium fabricator in the market. With best in class personnel with expertise in fabricating high quality products matching exactly the requirements of our customers, we create excellence in the quality product delivered. We constantly look into the ways of enhancing our products which differentiates us from our business competitors. Annai Aluminium is the name that you can trust. Versatility ensured.

Dedicated Team

A team that can establish a good rapport with our clients through products with the best finish.

Fast Working Process

We are a dedicated team of personnel who care about rendering you the best quality products at the right time. And, we assure that we follow best practices to bring good deliverables in a rapid pace.

Our Strength

The real secret to our success is that apart from being well trained fabricators, we truly understand our industry. From the complexities of this industry workflows to the regulations and standards that govern over us. No need in wasting your valuable time having to explain these to us as we are already intimate with them.


Project Planning

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